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September 24, 2014


Updated shot of a holdback Anery Platinum Goldenchild.  They are really starting to color up nicely.


Anery Platinum Goldenchild Anery Platinum Goldenchild

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Hatched July 11, 2014


Anery Goldenchilds and Anery Platinum Goldenchilds! Both parents proved to be het anery and this clutch had an amazing turnout.  The Anery Goldenchild came out extremely silver, beyond anything I could have expected.  The Anery Platinum GC has the yellow come through, reducing both the metallic coloration and dorsal- these have reduced patterns and will hopefully color up a bit more with age.  The male Platinum did not prove to be het albino, however I couldn't be more happy with these results.




Laid April 24, 2014


Platinum het anery phet albino x Goldenchild het snow


This was her first clutch at 33 eggs and no slugs.  

As both parents are 50% Jampea dwarf the eggs average on the smaller side at 185 grams.




Hatched April 16, 2013


Platinum Tiger het albino x Sunfire Supertiger phet albino

platinum sunfire tiger phet albino Platinum sunfire tiger phet albino



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